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Vial Handling

These rotary units offer complete production capability for sorting, conveying, and collecting a wide array of plastic and glass vials and bottles. Each design is great for cGMP pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and healthcare sterile and non-sterile applications.

After containers are filled and closed, our vial handling technologies perform a wide range of functions, including:


Our vial handling machines include the following features:

  • Rotary with diameters from 18” to 54 inches
  • Rugged all stainless steel frame
  • Optional “Drop-Leaf” pack-off table is available

Vial Transfer


Our Vial Transfer System (Model VTS – read more) conveys containers from sterile to non-sterile environments. The system is great for all cGMP applications.

Every machine is custom designed to meet your specific needs.

All our transfer machines can be easily disassembled and reassembled. So the equipment in the non-sterile environment can be taken apart, sterilized, and reassembled on the sterile side, if needed.

Conveyor Systems

Easy clean sanitary conveyor systems for a variety of container types.

Great for conveying a wide range of bottles and vials throughout various pieces of equipment and processes.

Easy-adjust guide rails and cleanable surfaces for cGMP applications.

Adjustable speed conveyor motors to ensure proper container handling.

Container Storage Trays


Standard and custom design metal and plastic container storage trays are excellent for storage or freeze drying applications. Our trays are produced in medium impact polystyrene, “autoclavable” polycarbonate, and stainless steel.

Trays are suitable for ampoules, vials, bottles, aerosol canisters and similar round or square containers.

These trays can be used with Chase-Logeman’s automatic tray loading and unloading equipment, and rotary turntables.

Style “A” Tray

  • Standard tray sizes are 12” wide x 20” deep x 3.5′ high and 14” wide x 19.5” deep x 2.25” high.
  • 3.5” high tray as a 3-position cover height for different size containers.
  • “Slide Cover” has locking tab, with hole for tamper evident or I.D. tag.
  • Open end at 12” and 14” dimension.
  • Trays are “stackable” and designed for pallet loading.
  • Trays available with and without covers.

Style “B” Tray

  • Tray is 11” wide x 19.5” deep x 1.25” high with open end at 11” dimension.
  • Bottom and sides of the open end are beveled for easy container loading.
  • Tray is available without cover only

Custom Trays

  • Available in a wide array of materials and sizes.
  • LYO designs with ring and cover.
  • Custom designed and fabricated for your application.
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