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Tray Loading/Unloading

Thanks to Chase-Logeman’s Monoblock concept, most of our tray loaders can be seamlessly integrated into our filling machines, making for a compact, cost-effective solution. Each design is great for cGMP Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Healthcare sterile and non-sterile applications.

AUTOMATIC TRAY LOADERS ATL-500 Single Tray | ATL-500S Dual TrayRTL-60 Robotic Tray Loader

Our tray loaders fit seamlessly into a compact Monoblock configuration. You can choose single or dual trays for continuous loading.

The tray loader is servo-driven and offers quick menu setup. It can handle round or square containers of glass or plastic.

Changeover to different vial sizes is simple and fast, designed from the ground up for efficiency.

AUTOMATIC TRAY UNLOADER  Model ATU-200clweb-560x360-004_5-2-atu-200

Unload over 300 containers per minute. Our unique Automatic Tray Unloader (Model ATU-200) makes it possible for just one operator to unload plastic, glass or metal containers with speed. Your operator stages full trays and removes empties from one position for maximum efficiency.

It’s synchronized to your line’s feed rate. The ATU-200 works at precisely the rate your line demands, using optical sensors to move full trays into the unloading position as soon as the previous tray is emptied and returned.

Our Function Monitor Logic ensures smooth operation. Our logic software—standard on all Chase-Logeman equipment—continuously monitors all sensors to keep everything running like clockwork

Designed and built to your specs. We design trays and conveyors to meet your specifications.

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