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The RTL-60 Robotic Tray Loader is designed for loading vials and other small containers into grid pattern trays. It is ideally suited for partially stoppered or open vials as no mechanism is located over open vials.

The robot arm picks up one row of vials by the vial body and moves forward over the tray to the last row in the tray and lowers the vials into the individual pockets in the tray. Loading starts at the rear of the tray and indexes one row forward until all rows are filled. At that time, the filled tray shuttles and a new tray is presented to the loading station where the loading cycle begins again.

The Model RTL-60 can be customized to load your tray pattern. The photo shows the RTL-60 integrated with the Model FS-12H automatic liquid filling and stoppering machine, but can be provided as a stand alone unit.

The ATL and RTL tray loaders use solid state components in all variable speed controls. Encoders are used for precise shaft positioning, and a programmable logic controller (PLC) is utilized to control all system operations. All input and output status conditions are available for display to aid in trouble-shooting and setup. “Function Monitor Logic” constantly checks each sensor to see that it is operating properly. Standard models accept stainless steel trays up to 12 inches wide (at open end) and 24 inches deep. All models can be customized to accept wider and deeper trays, perforated trays, or trays made from plastic, aluminum, or cardboard.


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