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Automatically unloads containers onto your line.

Now, one operator can unload plastic, glass, or metal containers at over 300 per minute with Chase-Logeman’s unique Automatic Tray Unloader. The Model ATU-200 quickly and carefully removes containers from trays and feeds them onto your plant’s conveyor system. Your operator stages full trays and removes empties from a single position for maximum efficiency.

Synchronized to your production line’s feed rate.

Reliable and very user friendly, the ATU-200 works “on demand” with your production line. Activated by optical sensors, the system moves full trays into the unloading position as soon as the previous tray is emptied andreturned. A mechanical arm slides containers onto the integral unscrambler for matched feeding of your production line. Empty trays return on a roller conveyor for operator removal. The on-demand logic pauses the unloading process if your production line is stopped for any reason. “Function Monitor Logic,” standard on all Chase-Logeman equipment, constantly monitors all sensors for faults and proper operation.

Custom designed and built to your specifications.

Tailor the ATU-200 system design for your specific requirements with custom designed trays and conveyor sizes. A full range of options include alpha/numeric message display control panel, tray counter, and more.


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