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Filling Microtubes and Weigh Checking with Chase-Logeman

Microtubes and Weigh Checking:

Chase-Logeman Corporation, instrumental in the development of the monoblock style filling machine, now offers the ability to provide our ChaseWeigh® weight check system for filling small tubes and container sizes such as cryotubes and microtubes.  Container stability is always an issue when attempting to fill small containers such as cryotubes and microtubes.  Some of these tubes have pointed or round bottoms that will not allow the container to stand without support.  Others have a skirt around the bottom which may be uneven.  This causes instability when attempting to weigh check the container for fill accuracy.

This system will accurately check the fill volume weight of tubes in a single weigh cell and tare-gross platforms and is incorporated into the Chase-Logeman 505 filling/capping and 505L filling/capping/labeling machines with equal ease. In single cell filling with check weighing, a single location performs the tare weight, fill, and gross weight.  This method results in slower, but less costly filling than a tare-gross system.

In a tare-gross system, two weigh cells are used.  The first weigh cell records the tare weight of the package.  The product is filled at a different location from where weighted.  A second weigh cell will measure the gross package weight with the difference being the weight of the product.  Entering the specific gravity of the product provides an accurate volume conversion. The package weighing is removed from the filling process using a tare-gross methodology consequently allowing the machine to process containers more quickly. In both cases, a separate and independent star wheel is used for the capping and, if selected, labeling.

About Chase Logeman:

Contact Chase-Logeman to learn more about how adding ChaseWEIGH™ weight checking system to your next filling machine can help document your fills. Chase-Logeman Corporation is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Through designing and manufacturing monoblock filling equipment for over 55 years, Chase-Logeman understands filling.  Contact Doug Faison, V.P. Marketing and Sales at Chase-Logeman for more information about small volume weight checking.

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