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Dual Chamber Bottle Filling and Capping for Diagnostics

Greensboro, NC — Chase-Logeman has developed a unique proprietary means of applying a flanged nasal atomizing spray pump cap assembly at rates up to 60 per minute without activating the spray pump in the process. This feature is available on their Model FS series filling and stoppering machines and can also be adapted to their filling, plug inserting and screw capping machines. The unique design of a movable escapement receives the spray cap from a feeder track at one station. At the following station a ram pushes the escapement down which snaps the spray cap onto the bottle. Since the spray cap is contained in the escapement no force is applied to the spray head.

The Model FS series offers sanitary conveyor design, ChaseLock® no tools-quick change vial and stopper change parts and a choice of filling systems. The model illustrated has a ceramic piston and cylinder pump. The stopper feeder bowl and track system utilizes a unique, patent pending, vacuum attachment means requiring no tools or other devices to hold the feeding system in place and allows instant release at the flick of a switch. Vial or bottle change parts simply lift off and are replaced with a new set and hand-locked in place. The stopper escapement is removed with a twist of a lever and replaced. The insertion plunger snaps into place like a quick change hose coupling. A complete change over is made in a matter of minutes.

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