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Driven by customer needs, Chase-Logeman has developed a system to perform 100% continuous check weighing with direct feedback to electronically controlled filling pumps. This offers the customer precise fill accuracy with data acquisition on every processed container passing through the system, at rates up to 40 bottles per minute.

Since, press releases regarding this innovation have been printed in several industry journals. The response has been excellent. One customer inquiry has led us to the next generation of this system.

The latest and most innovative technology at Chase-Logeman is the NEW ChaseWeigh. Utilizing two precision Mettler balances, the machine is designed to sample checkweigh before (tare) and after (gross) filling. After the gross weigh, the vial or bottle is transferred to a second starwheel for closing which could include stoppering, plugging and screw capping.

Upon start up, the system performs a 100% checkweigh with rapid corrections to the last filling head to compensate for initial set up errors. After a specified number of consecutive vials are within control limits, the checkweigh system automatically transitions to a statistical sampling protocol.

Example: checkweighing takes approximately three seconds per vial so the initial start up rate is 15 – 18 vials per minute(vpm). Within one minute the sample rate is automatically reduced to 10% and the through-put increased to 78 vpm. Within five minutes the sample rate is reduced to 2% with through-put increasing to 108 vpm. Sample rate can be reduced to 1% for 114vpm. The customer can adjust the frequency of the sample rate as needed to meet his requirements.

Because indexing rate changes with the sampling rate, it is important to keep the filling rate constant to maintain consistent fill accuracy. Therefore, rather than using our  traditional mechanical pump drives that change with the indexing rate, we are introducing a single servo drive for the first series of filling pumps. This drive will allow the fill rate to remain constant no matter what the indexing rate.

A second servo drive for the last filling pump gets feedback from the Mettler system to maintain tight accuracy control and also provides “on-the-fly” filling adjustment in the automatic or manual modes.

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