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Featuring The ChaseLock® Quick-Release System to boost productivity instantly, our revolutionary ChaseLock® system speeds up changeovers in three time-saving ways.

1. Vibratory Parts Feeder
(stoppers, plugs, caps)
Our unique patented* design uses vacuum instead of the conventional bolts or mechanical clamps. This revolutionary new system can trim 30 minutes to an hour off traditional changeover time. A button instantly releases the vacuum hold, allowing an operator to simply lift the bowl and track off the base and replace it-without tools or adjustment. The locating pins provide precise alignment. Ideal for clean room and nuclear environments, this advanced quick-release mechanism easily accommodates robotic and barrier isolation applications.

2. Vial & Bottle Change Parts
With no bolts or set screws to remove, the starwheel and circular guide rails are quickly changed by hand, without tools. An operator can simply lift off one set, replace it, then hand-lock the next one in place. You’ll be able to change products often, hardly interrupting production.

3. Closure Change Parts
Plug, stopper and cap escapements remove easily. With a twist of a lever, each escapement detaches from its post. In similar fashion, the plug, stopper, or cap plunger snaps onto the plunger rod (much like a quick-release hose coupling). In addition, the ChaseLock® system can be retrofitted to most Chase-Logeman machines.

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