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ChaseLock® Patent Issued

CHASE-LOGEMAN CORPORATION introduces its latest advancement in High Speed Continuous Tray Loading.

The Model ATL-500S series Automatic Tray Loaders utilize servo motors to control the actual loading of vials into the tray. 100% digital pusher set-up means minimal training and set-up time. No tools required when changing vial sizes, simply select next vial from menu. New vial sizes are easily added. Aside from the wide range of glass and plastic containers they will handle, the ATL series can be built to load plastic trays and open end paperboard trays as well as metal trays. As many as 400 or more vials per minute have been handled with ease. Modular construction, A/B PanelView HMI, solid state components,programmable logic controllers, and self diagnostics are utilized to control all system operations and simplify maintenance. Options include IQ/OQ documentation. Additional information can be obtained by e-mail at info@chaselogeman.com.

CHASE-LOGEMAN CORPORATION has been issued patent number 5,813,517 for a means of using vacuum for holding vibratory parts feeder bowls and tracks to their vibratory base drives, eliminating the use of bolts or other mechanical clamping means. Changing feeder bowls and tracks can be accomplished in a few minutes with the flick of a switch rather than the 20 – 30 minutes normally associated with change over. This patented system is being offered as an option on all new monoblock filling and closing machines. This patented feature can be used by itself or combined with the rest of the ChaseLock® quick change container and closure change part system.

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