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Filling Microtubes and Weigh Checking with Chase-Logeman

Microtubes and Weigh Checking:

Chase-Logeman Corporation, instrumental in the development of the monoblock style filling machine, now offers the ability to provide our ChaseWeigh® weight check system for filling small tubes and container sizes such as cryotubes and microtubes.  Container stability is always an issue when attempting to fill small containers such as cryotubes and microtubes.  Some of these tubes have pointed or round bottoms that will not allow the container to stand without support.  Others have a skirt around the bottom which may be uneven.  This causes instability when attempting to weigh check the container for fill accuracy.

This system will accurately check the fill volume weight of tubes in a single weigh cell and tare-gross platforms and is incorporated into the Chase-Logeman 505 filling/capping and 505L filling/capping/labeling machines with equal ease. In single cell filling with check weighing, a single location performs the tare weight, fill, and gross weight.  This method results in slower, but less costly filling than a tare-gross system.

In a tare-gross system, two weigh cells are used.  The first weigh cell records the tare weight of the package.  The product is filled at a different location from where weighted.  A second weigh cell will measure the gross package weight with the difference being the weight of the product.  Entering the specific gravity of the product provides an accurate volume conversion. The package weighing is removed from the filling process using a tare-gross methodology consequently allowing the machine to process containers more quickly. In both cases, a separate and independent star wheel is used for the capping and, if selected, labeling.

About Chase Logeman:

Contact Chase-Logeman to learn more about how adding ChaseWEIGH™ weight checking system to your next filling machine can help document your fills. Chase-Logeman Corporation is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Through designing and manufacturing monoblock filling equipment for over 55 years, Chase-Logeman understands filling.  Contact Doug Faison, V.P. Marketing and Sales at Chase-Logeman for more information about small volume weight checking.

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Monoblock Filling Equipment at Pack Expo Las Vegas.

Chase Logeman, a leader in monoblock filling equipment, will be exhibiting a Model FCCL-12H at the upcoming Pack Expo located in Las Vegas, NV.  This year’s show runs from September 25 through 27 at The Las Vegas Convention Center.  The Las Vegas Convention Center is adjacent to the Westgate Hotel and Casino.  Come by our booth to discuss all of your filling machine requirements.

Monoblock Filling Equipment:

A pioneer in the monoblock filling machine design with over 55 years of experience, Chase Logeman has the expertise to provide monoblock filling equipment that will reliably last for years. Chase Logeman has employed gravity, piston, peristaltic and mass flow meters to fill various customer’s containers. Allen Bradley PLC’s and touchscreen HMI panels are integrated by Chase Logeman for ease of service. A frequently requested option is integrating 100% IPC check weighing into the monoblock filling equipment to provide product verification.  For many bottle and vial shapes, Chase Logeman has integrated label application, laser, and inkjet marking.  Chase Logeman can provide all types of machine enclosures including full isolation.

Keeping the daily operator in mind, ease of operation and fast product changes are the foundations of the basic machine design. Product changes require no tools using our patented ChaseLock® tool-free system for most vial/bottle change parts.  These basic concepts build the foundation of every Chase Logeman machine creating lasting value for our customers. Because of the simplicity of use, these unique monoblock filling machines are widely used in cGMP operations such as R&D, Pilot Scale, Clinical Trail, University and small to midsize commercial process applications.

Come talk with our knowledgeable staff about your filling machine needs.

Here is a link to the Pack Expo Show in Las Vegas.

About Chase Logeman:

Designed and built in Greensboro, North Carolina, Chase Logeman has been at the same location for over 25 years.  For more information, please contact Chase Logeman at 336-665-0754.

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Come see us at Pack Expo East 2017 Trade Show


Pack Expo Trade Show

Come see Chase-Logeman at Pack Expo East Trade Show in booth 500 to discuss all of your filling and closing needs.

Knowledgeable Chase-Logeman staff can help improve profitability by recommending the right equipment for your filling and finishing needs. Chase-Logeman has been manufacturing filling equipment for over 55 years. We serve many industries with dependable equipment that is easy to use including homeopathic, nutraceutical, botanical, pharmaceutical and R&D markets.

There will be a Chase Logeman filling, capping and labeling machine, model FCCL-12H on display in the booth.  Come to see the small footprint needed to fill, cap and label your products making them ready for final packaging. With so many options available, let Chase-Logeman help customize a machine for your specific needs.

For your free registration, visit (this is no longer active) and select “Register.” The registration fee will be waived prior to your checkout.  This link can be used during pre-registration only.

Enter your comp code during the registration process, Complimentary Pass from Chase-Logeman Corporation: 71V91


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Custom Versatile Monoblock Can Also Apply Difficult Nasal Spray Cap

Greensboro, NC — Chase-Logeman Corporation introduces its latest automatic liquid filling and capping system with 100% check weighing designed for applications in pharmaceutical, biological, and diagnostic filling. It is ideal for R&D, pilot plant, and low speed production up to 35 vials per minute. Rates to 60 bottles per minute or better are possible without check weighing.

The Model FCC3-12H three function Monoblock features a unique two star wheel design that gives you the flexibility to isolate specific functions as needed. Filling and check weighing occur on the first star wheel with a non-destructive sample check weighing with direct feed-back control to the filling pump (either peristaltic or servo piston) that adjusts fill volumes automatically. The sample check weighing takes place in the star wheel utilizing two check weighing stations, a tare weight and a gross weight station. The tare weight is taken at the first station and data transferred to a microprocessor. After filling, the gross weigh station reweighs the vial to determine the gross weight. The microprocessor computes the difference between the tare weight and gross weight to determine the product weight (net weight). Each check weigh is compared to the target fill volume, the differencial value is then used to make trim adjustments to the fill volume, based on short term running average, i.e. weigh 10 shots, feed back to filler.

The trimming of the process allows improved accuracy without operator intervention or attention. Screw capping or stoppering occurs on the second star wheel. The machine illustrated includes a sanitary conveyor, a multi unit laminar flow enclosure, and both peristaltic and piston filling. Other options are available including ChaseLock® no tool, quick-change bottle and closure change parts.

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Unique Monoblock with 100% Continuous Check Weighing

GREENSBORO, NC — Chase-Logeman introduces its latest design Model FCC2-12H automatic liquid filling and screw capping machine featuring dual filling, dual fill level checking, dual capping stations and alpha/numeric display. An unusual two compartment plastic diagnostic bottle requires different fill media in each chamber, verification of each fill and screw capping each chamber individually on a single pass through the machine. Provision is made for filling and capping a single chamber only for check weighing. Rates of 50 – 70 bottles per minute are possible depending upon fill. Available options such as sanitary conveyor design, peristaltic filling, fast product changeover with quick change (no tools) bottle, plug and cap change parts, an A-B PanelView 550® operator panel, connection to higher level PLC or line monitor, automatic plastic bottle sorter and built-in automatic tray loader increase the efficiency of this versatile machine.

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NEW ChaseLock Quick Change Tooling for Vials and Stoppers


I. VIBRATORY PARTS FEEDERS CHASE-LOGEMAN has developed a means of using vacuum for holding stopper, plug and cap parts feeder bowls and tracks to their vibratory base drives. We have eliminated the use of bolts or other mechanical clamping means. Changing feeder bowls and tracks can be accomplished in less than a minute with the flick of a switch. Not the 20 to 30 minutes normally associated with part feeder change over. This is the newest addition to the ChaseLock® quick change system of no tools bottle, plug, stopper, and cap change parts.


CHASE-LOGEMAN has developed a means (patent pending) of using vacuum for holding stopper, plug and cap parts feeder bowls and tracks to their vibratory base drives. We have eliminated the use of bolts or other mechanical clamping means. Changing feeder bowls and tracks can be accomplished in less than a minute with the flick of a switch. Not the 20 to 30 minutes normally associated with part feeder change over. This is the newest addition to the ChaseLock® quick change system of no tools bottle, plug, stopper, and cap change parts.


II. VIALS AND BOTTLES Vial and bottle change over is as simple as lifting off one set of circular guide rails and star wheel and replacing them with another. There are no bolts or set screws to loosen or remove.


III. CLOSURES Plug, stopper, and cap bridges (escapements) are removed by activating a small lever on each bridge post and sliding the bridge on or off the post. The plug or stopper plunger snaps onto the plunger rod similar to a quick change hose coupling.


IV. RETROFITTING The best news of all is that most existing Chase-Logeman plugging, stoppering, and capping machines can be converted to the ChaseLock® quick change system. Call or write to Joel Slazyk at Chase-Logeman for additional information.

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Table-Top Compact Monoblock for cGMP Clinical Trials & Pilot Plant Operations

CHASE-LOGEMAN CORPORATION has increased production of the company’s popular Model FS-2205 “Table-Top” Fill & Stopper, and Fill, Stopper & AL Crimp Seal (Model FSAS-2205) compact monoblock. This was required to keep pace with the ever growing demand of smaller batch cGMP process operations such as Clinical Trials, Pilot Plant, and R&D Operations. This dependable and repeatable model is widely accepted in operations growing out of manual filling processes. The unit features quick and clean “tool-free” feeder bowl (stoppers & crimp seals) and vial change-over, ideal for smaller staffed operations. Unit is suitable for locating on owner provided bench, or can be furnished with the popular optional stainless steel fame with casters. Customers enjoy dependable liquid filling and disposable liquid product pathway with the standard peristaltic pump. The company also offers a design suitable for Barrier Isolator applications. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Chase-Logeman Corporation at

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Built-in Fully Integrated Labeling System

CHASE-LOGEMAN CORPORATION has experienced record demand in recent years for its unique “fully integrated and built-in” PRINT & APPLY LABELING SYSTEM. This proven Labeling System option is ideal for the company’s Fill & Cap, and Fill, Plug & Cap monoblock machinery models for Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical applications. The labeling system option expands the ever dependable filling, plugging, and capping functions, on a single frame. Customers particularly enjoy this added function, which delivers a compact space saving and cost saving unit. The labeling is performed “in-the-star-wheel” with the container under full control. This is attractive feature is great for smaller containers, virtually eliminating container handling conveying challenges as associated with stand alone filling, capping, and labeling equipment. Labeling tasks range from “apply only”, to “print & apply” for maximum flexibility. Works well with pre-printed labels only requiring lot and date code text, to full printing of a blank label stock. Customers can further enhance this single operator monoblock by adding the optional bulk bottle unscrambler for the ultimate bottle feeding, filling, plugging, capping and labeling system. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Chase-Logeman at

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